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Criminal Defense Experience - 40+ Years

Don’t Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

Drug charges hold the potential to severely change your life. If convicted, at risk are occupational licenses, your career, education, immigration status and the ability to even enter into certain professions. Drug convictions can also affect your ability to get student loans and grants.

Illegal Drugs or Illegal Prescription Drug Possession

Christoph Law Offices, servicing Vista and surrounding areas, has handled hundreds of drug cases over the past 55+ years, providing the highest level of legal ability in helping clients resolve their cases to avoid or minimize any long-term effects. We also help our clients if they need treatment. The client’s best interest is our focal point. We can often build legal defenses for you based on facts involving drug testing, search, seizure and other circumstances, including programs and treatment.

Additionally, if there is no defense, we can try to get you into programs like diversion, Prop 36 or Drug Court. These options can help clients lessen or even avoid the serious consequences resulting from criminal prosecution.

At Christoph Law Offices we handle all drug offenses including:

Drug Possession for Sale or Drug Sale Has Serious Penalties

Depending on the drug involved (such as cocaine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, heroin or prescription drugs or prescription fraud), charges can carry up to four years in state prison, $10,000 in fines and registration as a drug offender. Without a prescription, otherwise legal drugs and painkillers like Xanax, Vicodin and Oxycontin are treated just like illegal drugs and possessing them can be a felony, which carries the same grave penalties as meth. Christoph Law Offices can help you achieve the best possible result in your case.

Free Lawyer Consultation With a Drug Crimes Lawyer

Despite marijuana being legal with a medical authorization, criminal charges can still be filed. Our firm will defend you if you are charged with a marijuana infraction, felony cultivation or possession for sale. If you are charged with a marijuana-related offense while under 21, you face the loss of your driver’s license. We can help with your license. Contact a Vista drug charge attorney.

Call to schedule a free lawyer consultation with lawyers from Christoph Law Offices across from Vista Courts at 760-670-3885, or contact us online.

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