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Cocaine Charges Can Have a Lasting Impact

A drug charge has the potential to completely change your life. If convicted, you could lose your educational and career opportunities, and even your immigration status if you are not a citizen.

If you possess only enough cocaine for personal use, it may be possible to negotiate an alternative to prosecution like diversion, or other alternatives like Prop 36 or Drug Court treatment with dismissal in 18 months, or possible lesser charges or sentences. Possessing more than a personal use amount can be charged as possession for sale, which has much greater consequences, including possible prison, and you are not eligible for the same programs or alternatives to prosecution unless lesser charges can be negotiated.

Do Not Make a Statement to the Police Without a Lawyer

Any statements to law enforcement officers will be used against you. You have no idea what they know and should not make any statements without first contacting an experienced Vista cocaine charge defense lawyer. At Christoph Law Offices, our lawyers have been handling drug cases and have been located across from the Vista Courthouse for more than 40 years.

We offer free initial consultations and are prepared to help you through the entire process and help you achieve the best result possible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 760-670-3885.

Common Charges for Cocaine and Crack Possession

Our attorneys defend against cocaine and crack cocaine charges such as:

  • Personal use possession of cocaine
  • Possession of cocaine for sale
  • Sale or distribution of cocaine
  • Conspiracy charges for cocaine-related offenses

There may be alternatives to prosecution, or programs that can ultimately end in a dismissal if the charges are or can be negotiated to personal possession and not possession for sale.

Prior convictions for felony drug possession for sale, sale or drug transportation charges will cause potential penalties to increase substantially. Each prior conviction can add an additional three-year prison commitment. Possession of firearms with drugs can also significantly increase penalties.

We review all aspects of your case, including the investigation, search and seizure issues and any mitigating factors concerning the case, your background and situation as an individual, in order to get the best resolution possible. To aid in building a strategic defense on your behalf, we have forensic analytic specialists, private investigators and other experts available.

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Call to schedule a free consultation with cocaine and crack possession defense attorneys from Christoph Law Offices across from Vista Courts: 760-670-3885, or contact us online.

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