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Experienced Credit Card Fraud Defense

Credit card fraud crimes are one of the major type of theft offenses prosecuted in San Diego County. A conviction of a credit card fraud charge could result in significant custody, fines and also have other negative consequences like suspension of your occupational or professional license. A conviction may prevent you from obtaining occupational licenses and have other effects like loss of security clearances, educational opportunities, and also immigration consequences. Depending upon the value of the property taken as a result of the credit card fraud may result in a misdemeanor or felony charge.

The attorneys at Christoph Law Offices is located directly across from the Vista Courthouse for 40-plus years, providing criminal defense. This includes handling hundreds of cases involving charges of credit card fraud, thefts and other white collar crimes. In many of these cases, there are things which can be done to defend or mitigate the case before Court or early in the proceedings.

What Is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud (generally Penal Code 484e through 484i) involves the unauthorized use of a credit card (also includes access card or number). This can include:

  • Credit card theft, and the use of the stolen credit or access card through forgery or other means
  • Credit card fraud while using the internet
  • The purchase or sale of an illegally obtained credit card
  • The creation of a counterfeit credit card
  • The selling of goods that were purchased through the unauthorized use of someone else’s credit card
  • The use of a revoked or expired credit card in the purchase of goods
  • Obtaining credit card information through the use of a skimming device
  • The conspiracy to commit credit card fraud

These type of cases generally involve a paper trail, security camera video, computer information and can have quite a bit of evidence to review including witness interviews, subpoenaed records etc. We have experience in sorting through this information and being able to advise you the best way to handle the case for the best result.

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