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Oceanside Internet Prostitution Sting Operation Being Run

Oceanside Police department appears to have begun a Prostitution sting operation recently utilizing an internet website posted on the "Back Page".  Recently, we have received multiple calls from men arrested for California Penal Code (PC) 647(b) for soliciting or agreeing to engage an act of prostituion or sex for money.  This misdemeanor is a crime of moral turpitude and can affect immigration, professional licenses, employment as well as many oither areas of a person's life.

Is there a Prostitution sting active in Escondido?

Yes, a prostitution sting operation has been underway by Escondido Police.  In the last couple months, there have been a number of prostitution citations or arrests by undercover female officers posing as hookers.  These undercover police offficers appear to be prostitutes and are engaged in conversation by men and arrangements made for various sex acts for money at a nearby motel.  The unsuspecting "john" is then arrested for "solicitation of prostitution" (sex for money).  Embarassing at the least and career or marriage ending at the worst besides the actual criminal penalties.

Prostitution Cases in Carlsbad and Oceanside

Prostitution cases in North County are prosecuted in Vista Courts.  These cases  are usually the result of an undercover police sting.  This means an officer is either an undercover  "john" or an undercover prostitute.  Prostitution offenses are defined by California Penal Code section 647(b).  It requires a solicitaion or agreement for an act of prostitution and an act in furtherance of that agreement.  That act could be a payment, or meeting at an agreed location.  The circumstances of the contact and agreement determine what if any act is done in furtherance of the agreement of sex for money

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