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Is a probation violation warrant issued for misdemeanors?

Probation violation warrants for arrest are issued for a misdemeanors.  However, with misdemeanor warrants, an attorney can almost always appear without you and get the warrant recalled.  There could be additional consequences for violating, but an experienced criminal defense attorney knows how best to try to avoid that.  There are two types of warrants, one for failure to appear on an open case, and the other is failure to do what was ordered as part of your probation sentence.

Is it a Probation Violation to File Proof of MADD Class Late?

It is a probation violation to file proof of MADD class with the Court late results in a warrant for your arrest and a violation of probation.  Whether it is MADD class, Anger Managment, volunteer work, restitution or anything the Court gave you a deadline to complete AND file, it triggers a warrant for your arrest and a probation violation.  This can result in a resentencing with additional penalties which could include extending probation, additonal fines, programs, jail or public work.

Probation Violations in Oceanside, Vista and North County

Probation violations can occur for many reasons from not paying fines, failure to attend or complete a court ordered program, failing a drug or alcohol test, or a new criminal case while on probation. Probation violations allow a Court to re-sentence the probationer from nothing to the maximum custody and fine available depending on a number of factors. Probation violations usually trigger a bench warrant for your arrest and you may be arrested at any time, at home, work or at a traffic stop. The best advice is to let us get that warrant recalled as soon as possible, get you back on track and try to avoid additional consequences. At the Christoph Law Offices, we've been helping those accused of probation violations for over 30 years, recalling bench warrants often within 24 hours. We can appear without you on most misdemeanors, and schedule felony recalls as soon as possible. The initial consultation is free, so call us at 760-659-2149 to help you get back on track.

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