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What does "possession" in drug cases in Vista mean?

"Possession" in drug cases means in Vista and throughout California that you have control over the illegal drugs or the right to control it either personally or through another.  You do not have to own the drugs, you do have to know they are there.  Whether you actually possess the drugs or marijuana is one of the elements in proving a simple possession for personal use or possession for sale.  Possession may not be an issue if it is clear on where the drugs were found that it belonged to a certain person, like if they are found in someones identifiable purse or clothing.

Is Treatment in Drug Cases in Vista Courts Available?

Treatment in Drug cases in Vista Courts may be available as an alternative to prosecution under certain circumstances, or included in the sentencing for drug charges.  There are several ways to handle a drug case which depend on a number of factors like the charges, the facts of the case, prior record, individual, medical condition and other factors specific to a certain case.  Treatment can be available and ordered as part of a sentence or as an alternative to a sentence.  Whether or not treatment will be successful depends on the individual.

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