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What does Prop 57 authorize?

Prop 57 authorizes early release and parole for prisoners serving a prison commitment for a NON VIOLENT felony offense after completeing the full term of their primary offense not including an enhancement, consecutive sentence or alternative sentence.  This does not effect prisoners serving time as part of a grant of probation.

Additionally, Prop 57 authorizes the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to award additional credits toward early release for good behavior, approved rehabilitative or educational achievments.  The details and implementation of this new law will take some time before its effect will be seen and the criteria fully understood.

This law provides for the awarding of extra credits for early release on parole as well as allowing consideration for early parole on nonviolent offenses as indicated above.  How, what and when these changes occurr are of great interest to the individuals who fit this criteria and is certainly welcomed by prisoners and their families of those concerned.  Hopefully the details of this new law be clear and predictable so that Criminal Defense Attorneys can advise their clients in the future of possible consideration for early release and parole.

Contact a your Criminal Defense Attorney if you have questions concerning this new law.  At this moment, there is not much more information available on how it will be being applied.   Christoph Law Offices located are across from Vista Courts for over 34 years, we provide the highest level of personal and professional criminal defense represntation.  If you have a criminal matter or you want to clean up your record, call us for a free consultation at 760-941-5720.