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How does PC 1170.18 (Prop 47) help me clean up my record?

California (Penal Code) PC 1170.18 (Prop 47) not only reduces many pending drug and theft cases to misdemeanors, but also allows the reduction of prior convictions for these offenses to be to misdemeanors.  Before this new code section passed, many drug charges were non-reducible to misdemeanors, particularly H&S 11350 (possession for personal use of heroin, crack, cocaine etc) now you can have them reduced to misdemeanors.  Also other theft related charges, under $950 in value, including burglary (non-residential), receiving stolen property, NSF checks, forgery, and petty theft with priors are all reducible to misdemeanors.

Requests per PC 1170.18 (Prop 47) for reduction of cases where the sentence has been served or for resentencing if still on propbation or serving a sentence must be filed with in 3 years of the passage of the law or by Novemeber 5, 2017.  There are estimated to be several hundred thousand cases eligible for the reduction.  Each County is struggling with the huge case load and setting up their proceedures for review.   This new legislation is just one more way to improve your criminal record along with expungements, other misdemeanor reductions and certificates of rehabilitation.  Eliminating a felony record is an incredible help to getting a job, professional license, education, immigration and getting people who made a mistake, back on track for a future of their choosing.

To verify eligibility, understand the process, and make application, you can contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Christoph Law Offices for a free consultation at 760-941-5720.  We have been providing the highest level of professional and personal criminal defense representation for over 30 years and are located across from Vista Courts.