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Is an Out of State DUI Program Allowed for my California DUI?

You can attend a DMV program out of state for a California criminal DUI conviction, however, it will not fulfill the California DMV program requirement for keeping your California driver's license and it will not make your out of state license valid in California.  Your out of state license may be valid in 49 other states but not in California until you fulfill the California DMV requirements which include the appropriate California DUI program, SR-22 proof of insurance for 3 years and payment of a reissue feee to DMV.

The California Courts, like North San Diego County Court in Vista, CA, allow an out of state DUI program to fulfill Court program requirements.  It simply must be authorized by th Court when the case is resolved or requested at a later time if you are not be able to take the California program.  The equivalent out of state program in the other state can be authorized.  Many times peopole pick up a DUI here in California while on vacation from another state, or have changes of residence for other reasons.  You will be required to show proof of enrollment and completion from the other state's program. 

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