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Driving on a Suspended License for DUI is Serious in Vista Court

Driving on a suspensed license for DUI can have serious consequences in Vista Courts.  There are several reasons a divers's license can be suspended in California and each has slightly different consequences with the most serious resulting from driving because of an alcohol suspension for DUI.  All suspended license charges are misdemeanors and carry large fines and potential custody or alternative to custody, additional suspensions and 2 points on your driving record.

Driving on a suspended license for a DUI or alcohol driving offense per California Vehicle Code (VC) 14601.2 will result in the vehicle being driven impounded for 30 days immediately at the stop, even if it is not your vehicle.  It will cost approximately $1500 in towing and impound fees to get the vehicle out of impund at the end of the 30 days.   If convicted, there is a minimum sentence of 10 days jail up to 6 months, a fine up to $1000 with assessments which make the starting fine around $1500, and the requirement that you have an ignition interlock device (IID) on any vehicle you drive for one to three years.  The IID requires a clean breath sample to start your car.

There are defenses to suspended license charges and there are also alternative charges or sentences that can be worked out in resolving these cases that have lesser penalties.  For a free consultation contact the Christoph Law offices at 760-941-5720,  They have the experience and expertise having handled thousands of DUI and Suspended License cases and located across from Vista Courts for over 30 years.