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What are Third DUI Conviction Penalties in North County?

A misdemeanor third DUI conviction with in 10 years in North San Diego County and all of California is still a misdemeanor, but carries a mandatory minimum custody 120 days to 1 year.  A high blood alcohol level or an accident is an aggravating factor which could result in a sentence much greater than the minimum 120 days. Some other factors that are considered include whether or not you are still on probation on a prior, how long since your last offense occurred, was your license suspended at the time and was there an accident.

Additionally, on a third DUI conviction most Courts impose a minimum 5 years informal probation, 3 year loss of license, 18 month multiple offense DUI program and a significant fine.  In North San Diego County, we can often negotiate an alternative to actual custody like work furlough or electronic home detention.   Different Courts may treat cases differently so it is important to know the Judges and District Attorneys attitudes and policies towards these offenses so the best resolution of the case can be achieved.

A third DUI is serious and it is important to talk with an experienced DUI attorney who practices in the Court where your case is being prosecuted as some Courts utilize alternatives to actual jail like work furlough, residential treatment or SCRAM electronic home detention. Christoph Law Offices have been located axcross from Vista Courts for over 30 years and Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph have resolved over 3000 DUI cases.  Rated highest in legal ability and ethical standards, contact us for a free consultation at 760-941-5720.

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