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Felony Probation Requires Authorization to Leave San Diego County

Felony probation requires authorization by your probation officer (P.O) to leave the San Diego county for short periods of time and by the Court to transfer out of state.  You will need to get permission to temporarily travel from your P.O. or the Court. To permanently relocate you will need to add your case on and request a jurisdictional transfer from the Court.  It is helpful if you are in full compliance, no violations, and sentencing requirements completed. 

It usually takes at least 4 - 6 months once permission is granted to transfer to the other state under the interstate compact.  You may not be allowed to move until the other state picks up the case and opens a file. Talk with your P.O. or an experienced criminal defense attorney to further explain the process and what factors are important in making these requests to transfer out of state.  Usally it is not a problem to travel out of the County for short periods of time.  Permission also may be given at sentencing which defines a larger area you authorized to travel in if it is work or family related.  Permanently transfering may require more information concerning why you want to transfer, where, how you are going to support yourself or live and whether you can fulfill sentencing requirements of in the new location.

Attorneys Nicholas Christoph and William Christoph over 40 years of combined expereince in Criminal Defense have helped hundreds of probationers travel and permanently transfer to another state.  Call Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.