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When is a DUI Blood test required?

An Officer may require you take a DUI blood test instead of a breath test.  You have to take a blood test if the officer reasonably suspects drugs in your system, you request a blood test, the official breathlyzer is not working properly or available, also if you refuse any test and the officer gets a warrant for a forced blood draw or there are exigent circumstances where a forced draw is done without a warrant. The officer can always ask you to take a blood test in addition to a breath test, and if the breath test you took when pulled over was a P.A.S. field breath test, then you still have to take an official breath or blood test as required to avoid a seperate license suspension for a "Refusal"

Blood tests results usually take at least 3 weeks to come back from the San Diego County Crime Lab and are available to your attorney at the first Court date.  The results include the drugs screened for as well as quantaties of the drug in the blood.  Thes levels are important in determining possible impairment for purposes of driving regardless whether it is a legal or illegal drug.  Blood is always available for retesting at your expense.

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