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Misdemeanor DUI Charges in Vista must be filed within 1 Year

Misdemeanor DUI charges must be filed by the prosecutor within 1 year of the arrest in Vista Courts as well as all Courts in California.  This is the statute of limitations which prevents misdemeanors from being filed after 1 year. After you are arrested, you are given a Court date when released from Jail.  This date is usually within 30 days, but if the case is not filed by your Court date, it can still be filed and you notified within the year deadline.   These cases are handled in Vista if they if they occurred in North San Diego County, and are a misdemeanor "Driving under the Influence" if no one else was injured, there is no felony DUI prior within 10 years and this latest case is not a fourth offense within 10 years.  

The disposition of these cases depends on a number of factors. Is there a defense to the charge, what was the blood alcohol level and/or drug level, what happened, has insurance paid for any damages to the owner of any property damaged, fiels sobriety tests, attitude, dangerousness of the driving, prior record etc? You should talk to an experienced DUI Defense attorney who practices in the Vista Courts for a consultation and case evaluation. An attorney could not only review your case for any defenses, but also try and mitigate the charges and penalties and make all appearances for you.  Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph of Christoph Law Offices have defended over 3000 DUI cases over more than 30 years across from the Vista Courts.  Call 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.