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Does an Expungement really help clean up my record?

An expungement does help and can definitely make a difference in your future.  The expungement per California Penal Code 1203.4 and 1203.4(a) allows you to withdraw your guilty plea or set aside your conviction, enter a not guilty and have the case dismissed for most purposes.  The new laws taking effect in 2014 add even more strength to its value.  Those laws make it illegal for employers, other than certain governmental exceptions, to ask about, deny employment or inquire as to a prior record if it has been expunged.  You are relieved from most of the disabilities of the conviction.

Most misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged, but there are some that cannot be.  Expungement is not available if you actually went to state prison, but it is available if you received a local time prison commit under Penal Code 1170(h).  Expunged offenses can still be used to enhance future charges and penalties and still can prevent you from owning a firearm or amunition depending on the original conviction.  It is most helpful to reduce eligible felonies to misdemeanors and then expunge the misdemeanor.  In that way, you are no longer an ex felon.  Certificates of rehabilitation are also available afterward for many offenses and these can also eliminate sex registration for certain misdemeanor sex crimes.

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