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Expungement for Misdemeanors and Felonies in Vista Courts

    Expungement is available for most North County felonies in Vista Courts unless you received a prison sentence, and for nearly all misdemeanors.  There are a few misdemeanors and felonies that cannot be expunged under any circumstance including some sex related felonies.  Felony records where there was a prison sentence can be improved with a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Pardon.  Many felonies where probation was granted, can be reduced to misdemeanors after probation and expunged at the same time. This reduction to a misdemeanor alone is extremely valuable, as you would no longer have a felony record and may be allowed to possess firearms depending on the charges reduced. If there is a good reason to terminate your probation early, we can also file for early termination and expungement.

     It is impossible to seal an adult record but the law does provide for ways to help clean up your record.  These remedies are incentives for people with convictions to complete probation, hopefully successfully and remain law biding.  Everyone makes mistakes, but people also change and can be recognized for that with the various remedies which include felony reduction to misdemeanor, early probation termination, expungement, Certificate of rehabilitation and pardon.  There are eligibility rquirements that differ for each of these actions and the benefit varies also with the type of record clean up. 

     If you have questions about eligibility, procedure and benefits of any of these remedies, contact Christoph Law offices.  We have been cleaning up records for over 30 years. Contact us @ 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.