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On a DUI in Vista Courts, can an Attorney appear for me?

     An attorney can make all of your appearances on a misdemeanor DUI in Vista Courts and throughout California for you.  A misdemeanor is a first, second or third offense within 10 years.  The bail or bond will continue on the case as long as an appearance is made by the defendant or an attorney.  Family members or friends cannot appear for you, only an attorney or yourself can appear.  Failure to appear results in a forfeiture of bail or bond and a warrant for your arrest.  Additionally, it can cause a driver's license suspension and possibly additional charges for failure to appear.

     The arraignment or first appearance is just to be formally advised of the charges actually filed against you, request police reports and set further dates for settlement negotiations and a jury trial if the case cannot be settled.  Once the case is settled and you have an attorney, that attorney would get you a report date deadline a couple weeks out for you to meet with the Court Clerks, collections and substance abuse assessment office to set up fines and programs.  If you had to do public work as part of your sentence, you would meet with the probation department to set it up.

     Failure to appear at the Clerk's office or failure to do what is ordered, will result in a probation violation, warrant, and hold on your license.  Experienced DUI attorneys, like Christoph Law Offices who have been doing this for over 30 years, will not only help you achieve the best result, but also save you the time off work and anxiety involved in dealing with your DUI case.  Call for a free consultation 760-941-5720