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North County DUI Videos - MVARS

     DUI videos taken from video cameras in police cars are referred to as MVARS (Mobile Video/Audio Recording System).  Many police vehicles, but not all are equipped with these video cameras.  CHP vehicles are generally equipped with MVARS.  These videos are used to document initial DUI stops, field Sobriety tests­, and initial contact in North County. Sometimes these videos may not catch the probable cause for the stop but show the rest of the contact and can provide valuable evidence which can hurt or help an person arrested.  They are usually activated when the overhead lights are activated.  The recordings are turned in at the end of each shift and available for legal proceedings.

     Additionally, these videos and audios protect the detainee as well as the officer from false claims of abuse or actions by a detainee.  There is also audio recording from a wireless microphone on the officer.  This video and audio evidence is in addition to the police reports and can be valuable in the evaluation of your case.  These videos and audios are like having an unbiased third party witness to what actually what happened.  It does not rely on the memory or perception of a human being which is subject to error or bias.  Knowing that the incident is being recorded also can result in more accurate reports and better police conduct and training.

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