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Certificate of Rehabilitation improves San Diego Felony Records

     A Certificate of Rehabilitation for San Diego County felony convictions does enhance a felons employment possibilities and potential state board occupational licensing. Penal Code section 4852 et seq are the code sections that deal with the Certificate of Rehabilitation and is available even if you went to State Prison. Most misdemeanor sex offenses or sex offenses that could be reduced to misdemeanors may also allow the termination of lifetime sexual registration per P.C. 290 with the granting of this certificate.  This can be a very important option when considering what can be done to show that you have turned your life around.   It is surprising to see how few people actually apply for this relief. 

     The code section requires a significant waiting period before you can file for the Certificate of Rehabilitation which may vary depending on the crime.   All applications for Cetificate of Rehabilitation are filed in the downtown San Diego Central Courthouse.  It is a much more involved process and takes generally 3 to 6 months for the required background investigation and Court hearing. The filing also acts as a pardon request, but few pardons are granted. There are other benefits and limitations concerning this procedure.

     While there is much more effort in the filing and hearing preparation for this than with an expungement, the value for employment and licensing can be considerable.  With over 30 years experience across from Vista Courts, contact us at Christoph Law Offices @ 760-941-5720 for a free consultation to see if this would be of help you.