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September 2012 Archives

Was Anyone Injured in Your DUI Accident?

In California it is a felony if someone (other than yourself) is injured in a DUI related accident. The consequences for a felony DUI are much more severe, and it is important to get immediate legal advice from an experienced and proven Vista Ca DUI attorney. A lot will depend upon the unique circumstances of your case. Even though a DUI with Injury starts as a felony, the charges may be able to be reduced to lesser misdemeanor charges or penalties may be able to be lessened or there may be alternatives to custody. A case may even be dismissed if there is a viable defense. A felony DUI carries substantial potential penalties, including state prison. It is a serious matter and can affect you personally and professionally for the rest of your life.

How to Make the Best of a DUI in Vista California

Many people who come to our office have never been through anything like their DUI arrest. They are upset with themselves and anxious about what is going to happen next, and the impact its going to have on their life. The first thing you should do after receiving a DUI is take a breath. Relax, the Court and DMV process take time, but there are things that should be done immediately to insure the best outcome.

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