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August 2012 Archives

They Have a Right To Draw Your Blood to Test for DUI if They Suspect Drugs

If you are stopped under the suspicion of DUI, or were involved in an accident (even if it wasn't your fault) and the officer reasonably suspects you were under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs, you can be forced to submit to a blood test.  If you refuse or resist, they will still draw your blood.  Based on the refusal alone you face the probability of losing your license for one year regardless of the results of the test.  California's "implied consent" law requires any driver to submit to a blood or breath test for alcohol and/or drugs if the officer has a reasonable belief that you are driving under the influence.  If you attempt to refuse during this process, the officer is required to read you your "refusal admonition" and follow a specific procedure.  Your responses will be noted and will be used against you in court, and at your DMV hearing.  Any refusal can result in the loss of your driving license for a year, and possibly increase the penalties you face on a DUI.

If Your Loved One Gets a DUI in North County San Diego They will Usually Be Detained in Vista

The California Highway Patrol (CHP), San Diego County Sheriff's Department, and many local police forces including Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Escondido bring most of those who have been arrested for DUI to the Vista Detention Facility located at 325 S. Melrose Drive in Vista California.  They will be put through the "booking process", and authorities will check to see if there are any outstanding warrants, immigration related issues, and allow time to pass until the person has sobered up before they are eligible to be released on bail or bond.  This can be several hours or more.  You can contact the facility to determine bail (bond), and the process to follow to get your friend or loved one released at (760) 940-4473.

How to Make the Best of a DUI in Vista California

Many people who come to our office have never been through anything like their DUI arrest. They are ashamed based upon their ordeal, and the process of being arrested. They are really worried about what is going to happen next, and the impact its going to have on their life. The first thing you should do after receiving a DUI is take a breath. Relax, this is going to be a long process but there is hope for a successful outcome.

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