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What are Vista DUI Negotiation Factors?

There are basically 5 Vista DUI negotiation factors cosidered in settlement conferences for "driving under the influence" cases in Vista Courts.  These factors are in additon to unique considerations which may vary from individual to individual like a person's background or other consequences of a conviction.  The five factors are: attitude with the officer, dangerousness of the driving, field sobriety tests, prior record and lastly the blood alcohol level which carries the most weight.

Blood alcohol level is very important, but not the only thing that matters.  You could have 2 peoiple arrested for a DUI with the same blood alcohol level of .08.  One of them was going 75 mph in a 65 mph speed zone on the freeway, was cooperative with the officer and the other was doing 90 on the coast highway and called the officer a of them is going to get a "wet reckless" offer and one is not, despite the same blood alcohol level.  Sometimes an attorney can negotiate lesser charges also on marginal cases by agreeing to increased penalties.  There is also consideration in marginal cases if a person could loose a career with a DUI conviction, but a "wet reckless" would not have the same effect.

The experienced criminal defense Attorneys Nicholas and William Christoph have handled over 3000 DUIs over more than 30 years located across from the Vista Courthouse.  They know whats important and how to negotiate to get the best result.  Call Christoph Law Offices at 760-941-5720 for a free consultation.

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